Sunday, December 08, 2002

I was wrong about it being a low point in our stay here in Japan. It got lower....well, I ran into some problems...part of it being not being able to express some things that I had been feeling. But things are ok now between me and that person.....I guess it could have been a lot worse...but the problem between that person and two other people still continues...but I hope it doesn`t continue for the rest of the year because it will be a very long year especially for them. And about Nagano....I am getting paranoid that somehow it won`t go through, now that I have decided to go for sure. I just need to find someone else to go so I can get a room at a cheap rate.

Last night, Tsveti, Tomi, Brian, Jojit, Tom, and I went to a charity opera concert at the Tokyo Opera House (I think that`s what it`s called). Tsveti and I had gone through a lot of trouble finding really nice dresses to wear to the concert, and I think it paid off. We all looked absolutely smashing. The concert itself was ok. There was a soprano and tenor who sang some popular arias. Apparently, they were very famous in Italy and are now retired but came out of retirement to sing at this concert. The tenor, I am sorry to say, sounded pretty weak, but the soprano was a bit better....she did some pretty cool vocal acrobatics. And best of all, she sang from "Lucia di Lamermoor"!! (of The Fifth Element fame) For some reason, I had imagined that song being sung at the opera...and they included it! But I have to say, I like the rendition from "The Fifth Element" much better. Unfortunately, afterwards, we barely had enough time to take the train back to Hachioji and even then, the last bus had left, so Tsveti and I went with JacSy and Annie (who also went to the concert) to Mos Burger for some dinner and then took a cab back home. While we were riding in the cab, it began to snow! I was witness to JacSy`s (who is from the Phillippines) first look at snow. And later on, I got to see Dawn`s (from Singapore) and Jennifer`s (from Hong Kong) first experience with snow....they were so happy!! It was so awesome to see the look on their faces as they saw snow for the first time. It`s strange though, because in spite of the many times I have seen snow....I still get so excited when it snows for the first time....and it seemed that Tsveti and Annie felt the same way. In fact, Annie, who experiences huge snowstorms practically every year, seemed almost as excited as the Southeast Asian girls....I think mostly she was excited for them too.....she was up late last night taking pictures of the girls playing in the snow and was teaching them how to make snow angels...she was like a mother guiding them through their first snow experience. It`s really beautiful outside....It started snowing last night at around 11:30pm with some wet snow that I didn`t think would stick....but it continued snowing and only recently (it`s around 2pm now) has it stopped. When I woke up this morning, I was curious to see if the snow had stuck, so I opened my curtain, and when I saw everything covered in snow, I shrieked with excitement. I immediately took about 3 pictures. And on my way to school, I took more pictures of the snow. They say that here, it is uncommon to get snow early December...the same as the mid-Atlantic states....but a few days ago, there was a huge snowstorm around that area, so the weather pattern over there and the weater pattern here are pretty much mimicking each other. Ugh....the package that my parents sent me for my birthday still hasn`t gotten here and it includes snow boots....which I could really use right now. The realities of snow are seeping in....literally.....through my pants and shoes :-P Unfortunately, we were supposed to take a class trip to Tokyo to see the Parliament house....but due to the snow, it was cancelled :-( So I`m kinda dissapointed about that.

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