Sunday, February 09, 2003

I was called kanojo!

"Save tonight

And fight the break of dawn

Come toworrow,

Tomorrow I`ll be gone..."

It`s been such a long time since I`ve sighed happily...I seriously didn`t want Saturday night to end, and I hope that he didn`t either. Oh goodness, just listen to me! I`m already sounding so mushy! Anywayz, let me begin at the beginning. Less than two weeks ago, I went with my friend Don to Gallway Irish Pub, which is our occasional hangout. As we entered, I saw a Japanese guy with a bunch of his friends. Well, that`s not unusual, except that he was actually cute. Yes, yes, there are cute Japanese guys, but this one was really good-looking and I couldn`t help but keep commenting to Don on how cute this guy was. Well, it ends up that Don had met Ayumu (that`s his name)before at the Irish Pub and had flirted with him. A little after we had sat down at a table, Ayumu came over to us and started talking to us. I sensed that he was flirting with me, but he was especially flirting with Don, but I didn`t care because I really liked the attention we were both getting. Then, he left and came back shortly with two of his friends. One of them, whose goes by Tanaka, sat next to me and the other guy whose name is Tadashii sat between Tanaka and Donita. We managed to make conversation using a mix of English and Japanese. Ayumu knew English the best, followed by Tanaka, who had lived in England for three years, and Tadashii barely knew any English at all. I had a really wonderful time talking to them that evening. I took notice of Tanaka, who seemed to be paying extra attention to me, and realized that he was a pretty handsome guy as well, with serious-looking eyes.

That could have been the end of the story, except that Ayumu kept calling Don and several days later they went out on a date, which went really well. It seems like he`s really into her and she, who doesn`t settle for one guy easily, actually seems to be into him. Anywayz, Don kept telling me that Ayumu and Tanaka wanted to go on a double date with Don and I. I was like, "ok, that`s cool" but I wasn`t really holding my breath. I was thinking that first of all, it may not even happen and second of all, I wasn`t really expecting much. After all, I had written to my sister only a few days before that there was no way I would date a Japanese guy (now I`m am SO eating my words!!). Anyways, on Friday, Don calls me and says, "Ok, tomorrow night, 8 o`clock, we`re meeting the guys downtown at the station". I was like, "ok...". But of course, I did my womanly date-preparation thing, trying on different outfits and gasp! putting on makeup, and calling Don to ask her whether I should put my hair up or down. I met Don at the bridge and while waiting for her, who should pass by but Brian and Jojit on their way to the gym. They were like, "So, where are you going?" and I said "Um, I`m going out somewhere with Don...". I somehow didn`t want to tell them that I was going on a date. They asked me where we were going and I told them that I didn`t know, which was the truth....I had no idea where we were going. Anywayz, it wasn`t until Don and I were downtown and were meeting them in front of the electronics store that I started getting butterflies in my stomach. When I saw Tanaka, my stomach lurched. He was more handsome than I had remembered him. At first I was so nervous that I could barely say anything to him and I thought "Oh great, we`re not going to be able to communicate!" But it ended up being ok....Actually, it was quite more than ok!! We went to a shabu-shabu restaurant, where you get to cook meat and vegetables in a pot of boiling water that`s right on your table. We also had a boiling pot of soy sauce where we could also put meat and vegetables. It was sooo good! Anywayz, afterwards, we went to an "amusement center", or an arcade until they closed it down. Then, we went to the town of Fusa, where there is an American Air Force Base. Many signs were in English and there was even an English radio station. You could see many Americans walking down the street. We were there for a while, walking down the street in the rain...(stop sounding so mushy Brenda!) Afterwards, we went back to the outskirts of Hachioji and spent the rest of the night (Demain, des l`aube...) at a Saizeriya where we had coffee and tea and conversation. We finally had to leave because at 8am, the police takes away the bicycles at the place where Don and I had parked our bikes. I had such a wonderful time! In many ways, it was a challenging date because of the language barrier. My Japanese isn`t that great and neither is Tanaka`s English, but we managed. I felt bad because we had to keep interrupting Don and Ayumu for a translation of some word or another.

But still....I shouldn`t get my hopes up. If I never see him again, I`ll at least have the memories of the wonderful time I had on Saturday night. Don says that they want to get together again sometime before I leave, but again, I shouldn`t hold my breath. But he seemed like such a nice guy...

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