Thursday, December 11, 2003


I`m really, really, really sorry that I haven`t update my blog! It`s just that SO MUCH has been going on....and for once I am really busy. Wow! Who woulda thought? Anywayz, there`s so much I want to write about but haven`t had the time to. But don`t stop reading!! I will write about all that`s happened little by little....

So I`m not gonna try to dump all this info on you so I`ll just start from somewhere. I have decided just today to get a new cell phone. This cell phone is a never model of the phone I have now....but it`s old compared to the newest models so it`s going for only 1 yen. The problem is, I would have to get a new phone number. I know it`s a pain in the ass but I think I`m gonna go for it...after all, this new cell phone has a camera is newer than the one I have. Unfortunately, I doesn`t come in turquoise :-(

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