Thursday, September 18, 2003

I am ambivalent...

There are some things I wrote down about the friends I made in Japan that I was going to write down on the blog, but I didn`t. And I`m glad I didn`t because I wrote those things when I was really upset and now I have defenitely calmed down about last Saturday`s phone call. For now, I will not swear them off, but I just need to be more careful from now on.

Last night, I had a good while before I had to be at Berlitz, so I decided to hang around Yodobashi, my favorite electronics store. I was walking past the cell phone section, on my way to look at some digital cameras, when this girl came up to me. She is S-san, a girl whom I met once before. She is Japanese but lived in the US for a few years, so she speaks really good English. She said she had brought along some of the new Soka exchange students to help them in buying their new cell phones. And sure enough, there was a group of them by one of the cash registers, the same place where I had been a year before when I bought my cell phone. It reminded me so much of last year, when I went through the same thing. As they say in Japan, natsukashii... Even though a few days before, I was ready to swear off Soka, I was so relieved to see people my age, people I could communicate with, that instead of going on my own way, I just stood there, desparate to make conversation. I was hoping that the two new UD exchange students would be there, but they weren`t. However, I did meet some people, including two Hawaiians, a guy from Cuba, and a girl from Austria who lives in Sunflower Hall. Anyway, I pretty much hung around them till it was time for me to be at work.

Speaking of Digital Cameras...

I`ve been reading about digital cameras on the Internet and I have come across two really good digital camera buying guides. I tired reading the customer reviews, since they provide the most candid and truthful opinions. It was a bit overwhelming because each camera I read about would have comments like, "This is the best camera ever!" so I tried to read the less positive comments but they would have commments like, "The picture quality is great" and "The picture quality sucks" about the same camera. This made me realize that P.D. was right, most mid-range digital cameras are the same and that it`s pretty much a matter of personal preference and what kind of features you want. It`s not that the comments weren`t helpful. In fact, after reading several comments, I could see which were the common complaints and praises about a certain camera. So after reading the comments and comparing specifications, I think I will settle for a Sony. Reading about these digital cameras got me really excited about buying one. I can`t wait!
"How Do You Keep the Music Playing..."

As I was riding my bike down the path along the river, I saw a high-school couple (I could tell by their uniforms), sitting by the river with their arms around each other. As I passed them, the boy turned to kiss the girl tenderly on the shoulder. With a pang, I thought, "damn, I`m so jealous of them...."

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