Thursday, September 25, 2003

Just to let you know.....everything`s fine here. No, I didn`t feel the earthquake at all. I didn`t even know about the earthquake until my parents called me asking me if everything was ok. I wish I could say the same for the residents of Hokkaido, but I`m ok.

"Where is Venice?" -one of my students

I`ll be fair to him though and say that perhaps he didn`t know how to say "Venice" in English. I should have asked him to make sure. Darn.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

The problem with Japanese period TV dramas...

Is that the wigs look way too fake. The acting may be good (not always, hehe), the costumes may be gorgeous, but the huge black wigs (the Japanese had some crazy hairdos in those days--not much as changed) look so obviously fake that it makes the whole thing look cheesy.

I made my decision...

Tomorrow, I will be getting my new digital camera! I`ve decided to go for the Sony DSC P8...I don`t care if I have to use their special type of lithium battery. I know that if I buy the P72, I will be forever thinking, "I should have bought the other one", so I`m gonna go for it. I was going to buy it on Saturday, but I just happened to walk by Yodobashi this morning and I noticed that their sale on digital cameras ends tomorrow....and it just so happens that tomorrow is when I`ll get paid.

Anywayz, I`m really excited.....I was in Yodobashi looking at accessories for the camera. I have also set up my Phlog account! I had come across the phlog website a few months ago, but I figured I`d wait until that far-off day when I had a camera on my cell phone. But I recently, my friend DT recently sent me the link to her phlog. (I`ll put the link in later) When I visited it, I realized that the pictures don`t necessarily need to come from a cell phone camera. It`s perfect for me because I had been planning to display the pictures I took with my new camera...but displaying them on this blog would take up a lot of disk space on my Geocities account. Also, there have been times when I had to urge to write something on this blog, but it was late in the evening, so I would have to write it down and save it for later. Now, I can write a blog entry on my cell phone and send it by email if the urge hits me. Don`t worry....I will of course, continue with this blog, where I can take up as much space as I want (hehe). What I will do is that I will use this blog to notify people of any updates on the phlog. Anyway, once I have started to write in the phlog, I will post the link. Toodles.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Autumn has made an early visit...

It rained for two days straight and with the rain came a preview of the cold weather to come. I had to wear my light jacket. Yesterdayday it didn`t rain, but the sky was cloudy, but it was one of those pleasantly cool and cloudy days that are so autumn-like, that makes you either want to stay inside and curl up in bed or go for a nice long walk. I decided to head over to the Internet cafe and noticed just how much the river had swollen due to the rain. The Asa (which means "shallow" in Japanese) River is not so shallow now...

Today however, it is a brilliantly sunny day, but there is still a strong, cool breeze. For some reason, it reminds me of autumn back in my freshman year of college, when my parents would come to visit me at school.

On my "favorite" radio station...

They were playing a lounge-jazzy version of "Manic Monday". What up with that?

I got a visit from a door-to-door salesman. I could hear him yelling out something to one of my neighbors and when I looked through my peep-hole, I could see him turning towards my door. I braced myself for the worst and sure enough, he rang my doorbell. I poked my head out the door and he said, "Do you read the newspaper?". I just shook my head, which I think he took to mean tha tI didn`t understand what he was saying. He got all flustered and was like, "Um, thank you. Good evening." and took off. That`s the cool thing about being a gaijin. Salespeople and people who handout those annoying advertisements avoid you like the plague.

After a long silence, KM finally emailed me again, that silly boy. Apparently, he is an assistant teacher at Soka Jr. High School. Hehe...He is one of the last people I pictured as a teacher! "M-sensei"! lol. Anyway, he invited me and the new exchange student from UD (which I haven`t met yet), to the school`s festival on Oct. 5th. Sochusai, yo! To be honest, I hesitated at first, but I will be all right. I just hope the guy from UD comes along too. We shall see what happens. I`m hoping that I`m making a bigger deal of things than I should. Besides, by then, I will hopefully have my new digital camera and I will be able to take pics of the festival.

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