Saturday, October 04, 2003

"Lost In Translation" ‚ð?@Œ©‚½‚¢?B?B?B?B?I

"Lost in Translation" wo mitai...! (I want to see "Lost in Translation"!)

Sunday, September 28, 2003

I had the most eventful Saturday night I`ve had in a while...

And that`s not saying much since lately my weekends have been pretty dull. But anyway, at work, I was the last one teaching and when I was done, my boss, MH was still there, waiting for BB, another one of my coworkers, because one of our former students, HM, had invited them to dinner and they were planning on meeting at the school. MH invited me to come along as well, so while MH, BB, and I waited for HM outside the school, we sat by a bench and had a beer, which I felt wierd doing, but I thought it was really cool since in the US, it is illegal to be carrying an open alcohol container in public. Anyway, HM took us to a really nice French restaurant in Hino. It`s amazing how charming the restaurant was! I wish I had taken more pictures. MH said, "It looks more like somebody`s house than a restaurant." Indeed, I felt like I was no longer in Japan. The restaurant was wood-paneled and it was decorated in the American "country" style. Ironically though, at the entrance, there was a wooden chest with small cupboards. It looked very "country", but these cupboards are for storing your shoes when you remove them at the entrance....very Japanese, desu ne? For dinner, I ended up having the very delicious buy very expensive leg of some sort of bird....I assume it`s a quail and for the first time in five years....escargot! It was yummy! MH had a really expensive course meal that included a palate cleanser and some really delicious looking beef. Later on, CL, another Berlitz teacher who works at Tachikawa, joined us. We had a very good time, HM told us that she is going to New Zealand in October to teach Japanese, and CL told us about his recent trip to Okinawa....it made me want to go so bad! Apparently he has also been to Mexico before and he shared my enthusiasm about my recent trip there. And I showed off my new camera and everyone oohed and ahhed. :-D

Just as we were getting ready to leave, I got a totally unexpected phone call...from no other than KM! He was inviting me to meet him and the new UD exchange student, AT, by the station. I was really psyched...two invitations in one evening! So HM was nice enough to drive me to the Hachioji station, where I met up KM. So I finally got to meet AT, whom KM had talked so much about and I also got to meet M, the new South African exchange student who goes to the same university as TB. In other words, he is TB`s kohai. Anyway, the four of us went to and English pub called "Gulliver`s", where later, one of KM`s friends joined us. Looking back....I had a really good time, even though at the time I felt a little wierd since I was the only girl there and the guys of course, were being guys, talking about how hot this one Russian exchange student is. But it was so nice to talk with a fellow American....a fellow UDer. AT seems like a really nice guy. It was also nice getting to know M...he seems quieter (or maybe that`s because he didn`t have as much in common as KM, AT, and I). He`s blonder but defenitely not as good looking as TB. I up and told M that I used to like TB and was going on about how I don`t care now that he didn`t like me...According to M, TB is one of the most clueless guys ever...and when he asked me, "Do you want his email? Shall I put in a word for you next time I talk to him?" It kind of threw me off guard, and I hesitatingly told him no...it kinda made me realize that in some ways I still have feelings for TB....ugh! And I had been so proud of myself for forgetting his birthday....Hmmm.....as I write this...I realize that my feelings for him are not what the used to be....perhaps it`s just a feeling of nostalgia...after all, I did do many things with him and the rest of the other exchange students...

Anyway, after the English Pub, we all went home...I`m looking forward to this Sunday when AT, KM, and I will be going to the middle school`s festival.

I got my digital camera on Friday. I love it! With the points I earned from making the purchase, I was able to get a Memory Stick almost for free, which was a good thing because the Memory Stick provided with the camera only has room for ten pictures! What I love about it is that it`s so compact. Yesterday, I got a cute little carry case for it. I`m still fiddling around with the camera, trying to figure out all the features... :-)

Introducing...my Phlog!

As I mentioned before, I wanted to start a phlog (photo log or {mobile}phone log). Now, it`s up and running! So to see my first pictures from my digital camera click here. I have also added a permanent link to the phlog on this page. It`s on your right. Let me warn you, since I had to reduce the size of these pictures, the quality is not as good. When you first see my phlog, the thumbnails of my pics is what you will see. Click on the picture to see the enlarged version. Also, feel free to add your comments!

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