Sunday, February 08, 2004

This will probably be my last entry...

My day of departure is fast approaching and there is so much I have to do that I probably won`t be online until I return. Today I ran into a huge problem when I made bank transfer to my bank at home...little did I know that the bank was bought out by another one, hence I have a new bank account number...and my parents didn`t tell me that I had received notice of it in the mail. God I hope the transfer went ok...it was a lot of money I transferred. Now I really have to watch what I spend because I only have 40,000 yen left in the bank.

To think that one week from now I will be on a boat...

I hung out with KM and his friends one last time on Friday and on Saturday, yes, I saw The Return of the King. It was great! And can I say it again?....Faramir is hot. I was so worried about making the last train after the movie but I was ok because the movie ended at 11:30 exactly. I had set my alarm to vibrate at 11:30 so I could leave...right at the climax of the movie, the phone vibrated....I thought it was already 11:30 but it was only an email from K. Anywayz, on my way home....who should I see but KM! It was such a happy coincidence. He was on his way back home after seeing The Last Samurai. He said he liked it very much. I was so glad to see him one last time...Yesterday was K`s graduation exhibition...I got to see his paintings at the work of other Meisei students. I was interesting. Later that night we hung out in Gusto with his friend.

Anyway, I guess this is it....how can I sum up a year and a half that has changed my life forever? There is just no way. I guess I`ll have to time to reflect on it once I get back. I will be starting a new blog...so till then....Catch ya on the flip side.

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