Sunday, June 22, 2003

I had a dream last night that they had a "Parents` Day" at Soka, where the parents of the foreign exchange students could come and visit. My entire family came to visit me and we spent the entire day together. It was such a nice dream...

Today I received two emails from friends back home. Thanks so much! I was in a pretty crappy mood because of the rain (tsuyu), but receiving your emails and hearing from you really made my day :-D
Do you know that there is a movie here in Japan that is called "The Movie"? I`m not joking. Can you believe it? I mean, come on, were the creators of the movie so hard pressed for a title that all they could come up with was "The Movie"?? Since it`s a movie about police detectives, they could have at least named it, "Keisatsu" (police). I mean, I know that the English skills of a lot of Japanese aren`t that great, but even "Refreshing Times Flow Gently" would have been a better title. From now on, no movie, in the history of cinema, will be able to name a movie, "The Movie"....E-VER. (shout-out to K!)

How about "The Movie 2"?, you might ask. Nope, sorry. The sequel to "The Movie", was, of course, shockingly named "The Movie 2". What`s next? "The Movie Returns"? "The Revenge of the Movie"?? "The Bride of the Movie"??? Sad, very sad.
I had to work at Berlitz yesterday (Sunday). I actually had more classes yesterday than I did on Saturday, which is supposed to be my "busy day". And I was supposed to work on Sundays just "once in a while". But I guess I shouldn`t complain. Besides, I find two of the Sunday students pretty cute. Unfortunately, I happened to over hear one of them, "KT" talking with "DS", one of the teachers, and I found out that KT has a girlfriend. *makes a sad face* Oh well. I should have figured. He`s such a nice and charming guy that of course he would have a girlfriend. Oh well. I didn`t teach him but I taught the other cute guy, but I`m thinking I don`t like all that much, especially after yesterday when I found out he has the stupidest laugh ever. Talk about a turn off....

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