Sunday, May 18, 2003

Here I am at the Internet Cafe on a Sunday. I usually wouldn`t do this, but tomorrow morning I`m leaving for Takayama with my fellow exchange students so I won`t be able to check email/write on the blog until Wednesday.

I FINALLY got to see Lord of the Rings 2!!

Almost three months after it was released in Japan, I finally got around to watching it. It`s a good thing it`s still playing at the Tachikawa movie theatre. I had given up hope of being able to see it until I went to see "Chicago" with my friends. By the way, "Chicago" was an awesome movie and I highly recommend it. Anyways, I saw that Lord of the Rings was still showing. That was about two or three weeks ago. I was afraid that perhaps it was no longer playing, so even though I had a long day at work yesterday, I was determined to go to Tachikawa after work and watch the movie if it was still showing and much to my happiness, it was indeed still showing....and will be until May 23rd, so I was very lucky.

The movie itself was, of course, wonderful, with lots of action and breathtaking cinematography. However, I think I liked the first one just a teensy weensy bit better. Don`t get me wrong...both are wonderful movies, but, as one movie review put it, I wasn`t as "drawn" to the second one as I was to the first. Maybe it`s because since watching the first one I read the books and was nitpicking at the second one. For instance, I found it just a teensy weensy bit cheesy at the end when Sam sums everything up with his "there`s always some good in the world worth fighting for" speech towards the end of the movie. I kinda resented the adding of Aragorn`s "dream" and the elaboration of the "romance" between Eowyn and Aragorn, but in the long run, it was kinda kewl. Besides, with all the manly fighting, the movie defenitely needed the estrogen factor ;-) And I didn`t like how they portrayed the Ents as reluctant (even though I do admire they way they pulled the portrayal of the Ents off without making them look cheesy) to fight Saruman because in the book, they were a lot stronger than that. Oh my God! I sound like such a LOTR nerd! But that`s ok...besides....the book is always better than the movie, I always say ;-) By the way, in the movie, Faramir was HOT. ;-)

Strange dreams...

I had two really strange dreams this week. And both had to do with Berlitz. In one dream, my boss sent me to Cuba to teach classes at the Berltiz school over there. When I got there, some people had stormed the Berlitz school and had covered two of the teachers in cement. The people were angry and wanted to run Berlitz out of the country for some reason. Strangely enough, "O", who is a Cuban exchange student at Soka and is, incidentally, now teaching Spanish at Berlitz, was one of the people that had stormed and vandalized the Berlitz school. Anyways, my boss, who just happened to be there, and I managed to drive the protesters out and tried to save the teachers. Then I remembered having to go into hiding and I was taken care of by Madonna, who looked like a middle-aged matron....strange....

In my second dream, which I dreamt Friday night, it was Saturday morning and I was trying to get to work. However, the bus took a long time so by the time I got to the Berlitz building in downtown Hachioji, I was already five minutes late for my lesson. I began to freak out and tried to get on the elevator but it would only take me halfway up the buildling. I tried to take the stairs but they were being repaired so they were roped off, but I tried going over the ropes anyway. Basically, I was being prevented from reaching the school. At the same time, I was trying frantically to call my boss to tell him that I was on my way, but for some reason my phone refused to work. Throughout the entire dream I was freaking out feeling desparate. Strangely enough, I woke up at around 5:30 and was relieved to see that it was just a dream, but then I fell asleep and continued having the same dream and thought it was reality! I usually don`t have dreams in which I feel this anxious, but considering what my state of mind had been on Friday night, I think I know why I had such a dream.

By the way, earlier in the dream, I dreamt that my hamster, who died years ago, was still alive and could fend for itself....it could even swim!

So anywayz,toodle-doo! I hope I didn`t bore ya too much and I hope you all have a good rest of the weekend. I`ll "talk" to y`all later when I get back from the trip! ;-)

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